Well this is a biggie… literally! Embedded above is ‘ICARUS_13’, my brand new film which documents eminent graffiti artists SAT ONE and ROIDS painting a Boeing 737!! As you can imagine, that was a mighty big job and was a full week of painting for the talented duo! The whole project was produced by Bristol’s Hangfire, a collaborative effort from Ben Mason & Bo Silvestre who organised the whole thing and brought the mad idea to life!

I was lucky to be involved because my good friend 45RPM previously painted a Lockheed Jetstar Jet, which was the first plane adventure organised by Hangfire. So for the next round of painting planes, they wanted to go a bit bigger, which they did, by bringing in a passenger jet! 45 suggested me for the video fun to Ben & Bo and that was it, the gang was brought together!

Sat One & ROIDS had to battle all the elements - gale force winds, rain, blinding sun - because the plane was on a private airfield, it had it’s own microclimate which was ever changing. More than once ROIDS was told by the control tower to get down from painting the tail fin on the cherry picker because it was deemed too dangerous!

The was basically the routine for the week the fellas painted their masterpiece, they got it done through any means they could, from fashioning makeshift waterproof shoes with gaffer tape to their own unique blend of safety harnesses (ROIDS holding Sat One by the hood whilst he leaned out the top of the cherry picker to paint the top of the plane)

Ben & Bo were kept busy at all times, keeping everything running smoothly. Ben even battled through a broken finger (which he sustained whilst placing safety barriers up around the plane at the beginning of the project!). They were magnificent hosts, even when the location was cold, windy flat area exposed to the elements!

Whilst progress was rained off, we took great delight in seeking refuge inside the plane, which was a lot of fun. We had a good dig around everything, pressed every button that’s possible to press inside the pilot area and even managed to answer the age-old question of ‘Can I fit inside an overhead storage locker?’ (the answer is most definitely ‘yes’ by the way!).


I went a bit crazy with equipment and took everything I had, just incase there was an opportunity to use it, so in the end my equipment list was:

Canon 550D
Canon 7D
Canon 50mm f 1.4 prime lens
Carl Zeiss 18mm / 24mm / 35mm / 80mm prime lenses
Glidecam HD-4000
2 x GoPro HD Hero 3
That did mean at the end of the shoot there was a LOT of footage to go through, but having that much choice was fantastic. In the end, because of the cinematic feel of the edit, i didn’t use any GoPro footage at all as the aesthetic just didn’t fit, but I’m hoping to use it in a cheeky ‘behind-the-scenes’ edit sometime soon!

I did a lot of hand-held shooting as well as locked-off tripod shots and Glidetrack dolly shots. Because the plane was SO big though, I used the cherry picker as one big pneumatic dolly, giving us a lot of height for the shots and that’s what gives those epic-feeling reveal shots at the end of the film!

The edit was a big job and a lot of fun itself, I worked really closely with Sat One & ROIDS, with them suggesting the brilliant music (‘The Drop’ by The Haxan Cloak) and being involved in the shots at every cut. I even got the chance to teach myself AfterEffects; I knew I wanted to create some sort of minimal aeronautical themed titles, and the design leant itself so well to a bit of minimal movement, so armed with YouTube tutorials I taught myself how to do it, and i’m really pleased with the results!

I also did a wee bit of audio editing too, with the main track being over 13 minutes long normally, after some great sound design advice from Nick Dymond and Neil Pymer, I chopped up a couple of parts to add a bit more drama to the scene where the weather takes a turn for the worst, then leading into the ‘resolution’ of the reveal of the plane right at the end!

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