Again, after some great feedback from some talented artists I admire, I can finally say (even though I'm never satisfied) I'm satisfied with the final result.
I've tried to work out the anatomy a bit more and have it balanced some more in terms of weight destribution of both front and back limbs; have the chest be more vertical to give support to the neck and shoulder áreas; toned down the detail, as I think it was just too much overall; and finalized the detail on the accessories.

I've also done painting, retopo and uvs over the last couple of days. It's been a daunting task to get a game mesh for this guy under 3000 polys. I still haven't been able to do so. Some parts I know I can get away with just planes and have the normal map baked with the detail (like the wings membranes and maybe the "fins" that go from his head to his tail) but I'm not so sure about many things...So I've been balancing the time between drawing, learning low poly stuff and applying that same knowledge. Tremendous headache..but heck, I love it!
More updates to come as I get satisfied with the result of the progress.

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