Teaser Performance Akelarre Cyborg.

Barcelona. Mayo 2013.

An interdisciplinary performance which studies the potential of witchcraft at biopower times. A fiction- science where plants sing, bodies mutate and machines fuck.

The akelarre is not a demonstration of what the witches are, either is the place where the participants pretend to be witches. The akelarre is a becoming-witch [Devenir].


Kinina Xperiment/ Fluorescent cocktail : transforming a scientific experiment in an artistic experiment which investigates two simultaneous facts: Colonization and Witch Hunt

Photosynthetik transmutation. concert same as an ecosystem, a system of attentive listening of the nature, revealing the not audible through the multiplicity of NOISE

Collective Rituals Santa Mari Vitch. The covens were gatherings between witches that through a set of practices, the manipulation of symbols, bodies, objects, signs and surroundings, aim at the creation / modification of the world.

Yaku Sex. Bodies modified through different kinds of prosthetics, sketch via their encounters, hybrid identities, new organs and love experiments

Biohacking / Biopunk / Biopostgender Noise

“Akelarre Cyborg” a project by Transnoise & Quimera Rosa


Cámaras: Lucia Egaña y Majo Postop
Edición: Shulea Cheang

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