In today’s fast-paced world of on-line information, we have become over-saturated with claims and conspiracies, hoaxes and heretics. How are we to gauge what to believe? Everyone tells us not to believe what we see on the Internet, and for the most part, its true. But there is useful and correct information, if one knows where to find it, and with what is going on in the world all around us, we could all stand to be better educated.

Those of us with common sense can see our countries and freedoms slipping away. From corrupt governments to greedy corporations, it has become clear that the interests of the common citizen are no longer of utmost importance. We have become tools, pawns to be used by the Big Players to achieve their own means. More often than not, we are simply being conditioned or taken advantage of. Our last Bastille of uncensored information is the Internet, but serious thorough research is impeded by theories of reptilian aliens, out-of-context religious prophecies, and kooks labeling all those who don’t strictly follow mainstream thought as kooks. It is for this reason, an attempt to stem the confusion, that we have brought you The Trilogy of Trilogies, an in-depth look at what is going on, why it’s going on, and what we can do about it.

We have generalized these into three specific topics, each with their three general traits beginning with Control, achieved through Education, Media, and Religion, Murder, achieved through War, Poverty, and Disease, and ending with what we can do, or Fight Back, with Protest, Resistance, and Revolution. We include descriptive videos, links, and stories for each in an effort to revitalize and legitimize the underground world of conspiracy theory, and call upon our patrons to share their own as well. We hope to warn the world before its too late. And time is VERY short.

We ask that those who post here use scrutiny and objectiveness, to stay away from wild baseless rumors and share only the provable. If we are to get the world to open its eyes, it will be through a rigorous scientific method, one of logic; cause and effect. Together, we can shine the light of Truth on the darkness centuries of greed and censure has wrought. And in the end, maybe we can survive with our minds intact and our lives free.

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