In the above video, It shows a video of how I was mistreated by the New York State Department Of Labor.

(Brief Explanation of actions taken place before this video)
I called the NYSDOL Around 3:30pm on August 6th, 2013.
I spoke to a woman who advised me that I was not going to be able to receive my unemployment benefits due to not showing up to a meeting, I told her how necessary it was for me to receive this payment and I would like to speak to a supervisor, she then told me I could not and that there is nothing she can do. I kept on insisting to please be given the opportunity of pleading my case, after a couple minutes of talking she then transferred me to the supervisor.
(Not knowing she did not have me on hold, she decided to say some rude comments about me stating that I was "annoying", My assumption was she was speaking to the supervisor, or somebody else in the office)

The supervisor then picked up the phone and we spoke for a few minutes, I advised her that I will be recording. She told me it was not "LEGAL" for me to record her
We continued the conversation and she was being completely rude to me, laughing at my situation and making slick remarks throughout the whole phone call. After a couple of minutes of conversing and me telling her that "this is my life we are talking about, I want to know what I can do", she then rudely hung up the phone on me after I waited 20+ minutes just to speak to somebody and about 15+ minutes just to speak to her.
The video above shows the following conversation wit an employee of the New York State Department of Labor, talking over me countless times, being rude, defending those around her and not giving me the information I desired.
*A couple of things throughout the video that I have strong concerns about are as follow*
1) She advised me in the beginning of our conversation that there was "NO WAY" she can find out the supervisor's name that I spoke to on the phone. (She later forgot she must have told me that, and then gave me her name)
2) She told me it was against policy to audio tape the conversation and that it was in the "POLICY" which with further investigation, concluded to be false.
3) Once I stated to her that I wanted to file a complaint, she never directed me towards the steps on how to do so.
4) She told me that "ONLY SUPERVISORS HAVE THE RIGHT TO HANG UP WHENEVER THEY WANT" (Later on in the video this woman, A REGULAR EMPLOYEE AND NOT A SUPERVISOR, hung up the phone on me)
5) The woman told me it was okay to give out any supervisors NAME and LAST NAME, but when I asked for HER specific supervisor's name she did not comply and did not want to give me it and decided at THAT point, it was the right time to hang up. (How Ironic...)
**My thoughts on the matter**

I believe that this country has built up a system to try to give all people a fare opportunity to get back on their feet. That's why Unemployment is even available to those who have lost their job during this horrible economic crisis that we are in. I think that when you take a job in the GOVERNMENT, out of all places, you should be on your best behavior at all times. You are not working for a retail store down the street, you are not working for your mothers friends business, you are working for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I want to get this story out so that people who are mistreated during phone calls like this can have a voice. I for one will speak out for those are stay muted. A lot of people stay quiet because they don't want to get involved, they are scared, and that is the reason why this beautiful Country is doing so poorly.
We need leaders, not only in our government, but in our hometowns. In our schools and in our families. Nobody should have to walk away from a situation especially like this where the only income that they have is coming through from the offices that people like this (the woman on the phone, and the supervisor) are located.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this, I appreciate it and if my story (my video) does not catch your eye than maybe I can touch your soul by knowing there is still people in this world who care about other people and are willing to stand up for what's right.

With all respect,
-Daniel C

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