In this video Alan and Miquel get you started with their personal favourite code editor, SublimeText!

Grab a coffee and sit down with us as we go through some of its great features. :)



Package Control can be installed from here:

To install a Sublime "package" with PackageControl:
1. Ctrl+Shift+P
2. Start typing "pack inst", and from the list choose "Package Control: Install Package".
3. Wait a moment and it will list non-installed packages. Select the one you want, press Enter and wait a few seconds. (Press Esc or click away to cancel.)


Alan's favorite packages in alphabetic order:
[links provided to read more but you should install them from PackageControl.]

Aligns your text so your multi-cursors form a straight line. Good if you have alignment OCD.

Highlights brackets while you're typing between them. Super useful!

Easy, quick way to change single quotes to double quotes and vice-versa.

Type a question, highlight it, Ctrl+Alt+R and it will search Stackoverflow,
take the first match, find the best rated response's code snippet and paste that back
into where you typed the question. Pure magic!! :p

Fantastic diff'ing tools, all accessible from the rightclick menu and command panel. (Ctrl+Shift+P)

If you're typing text to a real path and press Tab, it will autocomplete it. Handy sometimes.

- GIT:
There are many git packages; this one works for me. You may need to install Git beforehand.

Shows markers to show changes against the git HEAD state, in realtime! Best invention since sliced bread. I love this thing.

Indents XML nicely, so us humans can read it better.

Indents JSON nicely. Accessible from command panel. (Ctrl+Shift+P)

Teach your code a lesson by playing a round of Snake all over it. (Don't worry, your actual code won't be ruined.)

Twitter from Sublime.

Nice self-contained "linter", to point out syntactic errors and style suggestions next to the line numbers.

Type some math in your code and type Alt+c to select it and again to calculate it.

Highlights and can also delete trailing empty space.



Ctrl + ` = open Sublime's own Python console
Ctrl + Shift + P = command panel
Ctrl + G = go to line
Ctrl + R = go to function
Ctrl + P = go to anything

Ctrl + L = select line
Ctrl + Shift + L = expand the selected lines to multiple cursors
Ctrl + Shift + D = duplicate line(s)
Ctrl + / = comment line(s)
Ctrl + D = select next substring
Ctrl + Shift + J = select by indentation level

Ctrl + up/down arrow = scroll line up/down
Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + C = center at cursor
Ctrl + [ or ] = move tab level in/out

Ctrl + J = join lines
Ctrl + K followed by Ctrl + U or L = upper/lower-case selected text
Ctrl + K twice = delete from cursor until end of line

F9 = sort selected lines
F6 = spell check ON/OFF
F11 = fullscreen
Shift + F11 = fullscreen "zen" mode

Alt + numbers(1, 2, 3...) = change to specific tab
Ctrl + pgUp/Down = go to next/previous tab


Got any comments or Sublime tips? Let us know! :)

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