What innate qualities do shoes convey-especially if found on a prostitute's walk?
An artist that found the shoes used in S/tr:w/EET WALK incorporated their surrounding environment into her video. She then invited a dialogue with her work; and my video response connects directly to actual events. After getting the shoes by chance, I was scheduled to go South, whose past still carries relevance today: slavery, the Civil War, the fight for Civil Rights, and now our first President of color.

Moving between diverse landscapes, seemingly haphazard facts disclose historic and mythic connections: Ireland, where many Southerners came from, is the root for many Americans. My story of being trailed by a prostitute when visiting Ireland, attributes belonging to goddess Hecate, and traces of Irish descendent artists (Flannery O'Connor / Augustus St. Gaudens) found along the journey loosely connects divergent threads and shifting landscapes.

Public monuments to slavery and General Sherman impart the patriarchy asserting power, as slave trade was abolished. Today the global sex trade may be interrogated as modern slavery via feminist texts; while in Irish myth and its Cinderella fairy tale (entitled FAIR, BROWN & TREMBLING) there is a world where women have the power and God is a woman. The form of America's symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, may have been chosen intuitively; as her ancient twin, Hecate, led another Goddess, who is ascribed with re-birth, out of the Underworld. Lady Liberty leads our nation to...?

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