*Alibi Studio is excited to announce the release of their latest film Specimen Removed for Study (2013). The film serves both as a conclusion of a prior installation, Specimen, and a projection of the firm’s forthcoming research interrogating the performative capacity of glass, both spatially and visually.

Filmed entirely through physical reflections, Specimen Removed for Study places focus upon the eerie traits of light reflection, capturing the immaterial presence of an installation within its own reflection. Positioned within an abandoned natural history museum, the film suggests the eerie hunting of an apparition; analogous to the actions taken against creatures we don’t understand or fear. In the end, the piece was not shot, but instead, its ultimate apprehension and uncontrollable presence: its own reflection.

The installation of Specimen was completed in collaboration with Wes McGee of Matter Design Studio, and Aaron Willette of Khôra. Suspended in air, curious in its natural form and artificial in its existence, Specimen evokes a peculiar creature of irregular origins. Made of glass, the work is constructed through a process of free form catenary slumping. Each piece of the work is subjected to its own temperature and duration setting, providing variation in curvature and detail throughout the entire project. Lit from above, the curvatures of each piece reflect the custom fluorescent light embedded within the suspended ceiling overhead. The resultant is a kaleidoscope-like effect of its surrounds, doubling light and layering numerous grains of reflection. The work is placed in the old Nature’s Medley Hall of the old Public Museum surrounded by encased specimens of insects and plants. The glass cases of the abandoned specimens reflect the work as a whole, multiplying the presence of Specimen within the space. Hovering, the visitor can walk around the work.

Film Team:
Producer: Grant Weaver
Spatial Director: Catie Newell
Appearances: Grant Weaver, Catie Newell, Aaron Willette, Harry Solie, Tom Wagner
Director of Photography: Tom Wagner
Camera Operator: Aaron Bannasch
Curatorial Team and Venue: SiTE:LAB

Specimen Project Team:
Wes McGee of Matter Design Studio
Catie Newell of *Alibi Studio
Aaron Willette of Khôra
Grant Weaver of *Alibi Studio

Funding and Support:
Research Through Making Grant | Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Office of the Vice President of Research | University of Michigan
Dean Monica Ponce de Leon | Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

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