What is Active Living?

Active Living (ak-tive liv-ing) - verb:
1. To live an inspirational active life.
2. To actively engage in your life and live each day with purpose and intent.
3. To challenge yourself in big and small ways and strive for more.
4 To choose to surround yourself with positive people and influences.
5. To build rituals into your day to keep you on course to achieving your goals.
6. To nourish your body with deliciously wonderful clean food.
7. To keep your blood pumping and mood lifted with regular exercise.
8. To feed your mind and spirit with new learning and experiences.
9. To nourish your relationships.
10. To have confidence in yourself that you can do whatever it is you truly believe in.
11. To make every second of every day truly count.
12. To leave a legacy to help make a positive difference in other people's lives.

This definition of Active Living is written by Lorna Jane Clarkson in MORE Of The Fit Woman's Secrets Pg 5.

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