LeadiD, the first 100% neutral, privacy-friendly, trusted arbiter of media transactions now provides organizations a way to obtain definitive confirmation that the proper TCPA disclosures were present during the lead event and that the consumer did in fact provide prior express written consent.

LeadiD empowers buyers to confirm TCPA and TSR compliance in real-time, prior to dialing a consumer phone number, mitigating risk, while maintaining operational efficiency. The process is 100% automated, removing the need to manually review the data or screen shots, slowing the buyers speed-to-lead. Access to authoritative consent records will be essential for legal compliance.

LeadiD's TCPA compliance solution is unique in that it does not restrict an organizations operational efficiency. The presence of the disclosure and consumer consent is documented during the lead event. Confirmation is delivered in real-time via the LeadiD Audit before a dial attempt is made to contact that consumer.

With the LeadiD Marketplace you can also access real-time Phone Type and ensure LeadiD is capturing and storing visual documentation of the lead event with proof of disclosure and consent.

Closed-loop TCPA compliance to cover all your bases.

LeadiD TCPA information: leadid.com/tcpa/

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