Purchase "Friends and Family" Album on iTunes HERE: itunes.apple.com/us/album/friends-and-family/id691864074

Filmed on Red EPIC at Dead Workers Party studio in Huntsville, Alabama.

Directed by Dustin Timbrook.

Technical consultation and additional filming by J.D. Frey

Studio lighting by Molly Rebecca Strohl

"Whenever I listen to SSP I'm struck by how danceable it is while at the same time seeming to move at a glacial pace. It's a heavy song that seems to have its own special gravity. I knew I wanted to film things falling, flowing, and exploding in slow motion to match the huge washes of guitar and bass in the track, and I was fortunate enough to have access to a RED Epic video camera to shoot this project at 240 frames per second, slowing reality down to about 1/10th its normal speed. Although there is digital compositing and animation in this music video, none of what you see is computer-generated. For the painted body effect I constructed a paper mache sculpture of Drew and poured dozens of cups of paint over it, then animated the figure in After Effects to sync with Drew's body movements. This was a really rewarding creative project to work on and I think we were able to create something bizarre and beautiful to fit the spirit of Drew's record."

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