California Bounty Hunting License: Frequently Asked Questions about how to become a bounty hunter in California and California bounty hunting laws.

Q: Do I need a Bounty Hunter License to Bounty Hunt in California?

A: No. California is a Certification State with an exception for California licensed private investigators and out-of-state bail agents or private investigators who must then comply with the requirements of California Penal Code §847.5 covered in detail in another video and in Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certification Classes.

Q: Do I need a Criminal Justice Degree or would a Criminal Justice Degree help me in becoming a bounty hunter?

A: No. There is no requirement for a California bounty hunter to have any degree, nor is there any known evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to suggest that a criminal justice degree has anything to do with California bounty hunting in any way whatever.

Q: What are the Bounty Hunting Laws for California?

A: Please visit Bailspeak’s Sister site to study 1299 California Bounty Hunter Laws in totality.

Q: Okay. So Bailspeak is a PC 1299 Compliant bounty hunter school, but why should I enroll in a Bailspeak Class?

A: Please Take the below Bailspeak “Lawful Bounty Hunting Quiz,” and, if you cannot answer all of the questions without Internet search engines or Bailspeak Alumni assistance, please consider enrolling in Bailspeak’s Live Seminar Bail Training Courses.

• What is the "forfeiture period," how is it triggered, when does it start, how long does it last?
• What is the “appearance period” regarding a forfeited bond?
• Is it lawful to apprehend a bail jumper while a motion to extend is pending?
• Under which laws and circumstances do bounty hunters LAWFULLY transport and carry firearms?
• Under which circumstances may a prosecuting attorney charge a bounty hunter with Burglary, False Imprisonment, Extortion, Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Robbery, Impersonation, and when do charges go Federal?
• When and how does Deprivation of Civil Rights under the Color of State Authority apply to bounty hunters?
• What constitutes Due Diligence that will not shock the reasonable person?
• How much time does a bounty hunter have to book a bail jumper?
• What documents are required to lawfully apprehend a bail jumper?
• Which documents are interchangeable?
• When may a bounty hunter be charged with perjury, forgery, conspiracy, and impersonating a peace officer?
• Is it lawful to place GPS Trackers on People's vehicles?
• Which Certifications do you need to lawfully bounty hunt?
• What is a "declaration" or "conclusory affidavit," and do you have to be "1299 compliant" to complete one or either?

If you cannot answer ALL of the above bounty hunting 101 questions, you may subject yourself to multiple “stacked charges,” such as follows:

• Felony Burglary
• Felony Conspiracy
• Felony Kidnapping
• False Imprisonment
• False Impersonation
• Felony Kidnapping
• Extortion
• Torture
• Federal Crimes
• Deprivation of “Second Bite at the Apple” Civil Rights

Q: What are the Online Tuition Costs?

A: Visit and click on the “Bail Agent Prelicensing” page, scroll down past Sacramento and past San Diego where you will find Tuition Options.

Q: What about California Bail Agent Continuing Bail Education?

A: Bailspeak is also “Approved” by the California Department of Insurance in offering a variety of continuing bail education classes that are current, timely and matter in today’s bail bond industry.

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