"The Rise of the Ruling Class" looks at historical statements, aims and agenda's of the ruling class in their own words.

From the days of the mighty hunter Nimrod, history has shown us that there has always been a tendency in some men and women to rule and to control the rest of the people.

Like Nimrod the founder of the kingdom of Babylon, his supporters, followers and bloodline are those who desire dominance and control over the populace.

Under those who clamour for power over the people, are the people themselves who actually enjoy benefits that the protector provides for them and the servitude that this system incorporates.

And then there are those who have not willingly bought into the status quo, they have been born into it and through many different means have come to investigate, study history, ask questions and become resistant to the controllers. They desire to be free from this system of control. Their eyes have been opened to see the real game that is being played.

This is where the friction exists today, between the controllers and the resisters, between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light, between the Kingdom of Force and the Kingdom of Free Individuality.

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