#WeBeLong is a song about a country that has never truly been seen by the world. With all the buzz around the talk about terrorism in Pakistan, we have been distracted from seeing the true beauty of the country's landmarks, customs, and people. Prepare to see the not-so well-known country we have all heard of in its rawest and purest form. This is one world. This is one family. And we belong.
(Written/Sang by Faras Aamir aka Farosty, Music produced by Jay Mian)
RwnlPwnl boy
Hey! Hey! Hey! [x2]
Oh Chachu beat chaladay! (Eng: Hit the beat Uncle) Hahaha
PKG, yeah we in the PK haha
Check this one out. Uhn, yo
[Verse 1]
Before you tell this kid again quit rappin', let me tell you what's happenin'
I'm livin' pure life in the city where I happened and yes I'm 'bout to put this whole place on the map again
So tell 'em clowns that the music is the only thing blasting
Hundred degrees up in the nation but we laughin', catch this
A little light, a little water, but I got my fam and that's a big thing 'cuz I ain't a family man
And ain't nobody steppin' where my family stand
We don't feel it, bring the heat baby, we don't give a hahnn
Jo kuch be dunya may hota hai (No matter what is happening in the world)
Mera ghar rahta hai yado may (My home always remains in my thoughts)
Take a look for yourself and you will say,
Oh daykho saday mulk icha pyar hai (There is love in our country) [x2]
Round 2 here we go
Check it, yo
[Verse 2]
I'm back, ready? And yes my pride's heavy
This country made me humble, yes my mind's steady
Respect is expected, that's just so great
We're all under one book and without any play
Girls can be looked at in a humanly way
Two brothers can hold hands and it won't be considered gay
Need love? My people on you like vultures
All about the family, welcome to my culture
[Chorus repeated]
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Everything you do here's an experience assured
Baby you gon' fly here and the rest is a blur
I'm a Paki boy for life man, it says it on my fur
I got you Mr. Quaid-e-Azam Sir! (Founder of Pakistan)
Aamir Saab - Faras Aamir
Mian Saab - Ahmed Hamayun
Small Boy - Imran Hussain
Older Brother - Ali Hussain
Boy Dancer - Dawar Aamir
Girl Dancers - Neha, Namra & Aswa
Director/Producer/Editor/Writer/Lyricist­/Vocalist - Faras Aamir
Composer - Jay Mian
Photography - Dawar Aamir
Choreography - Neha Aamir
Background Music During Skit
Desi Beat ( Rishi Rich Style ) - farhankk360
Twitter - @RwnlPwnl / @Farosty
Facebook -
RwnlPwnl | The Brotherhood | PKG | FOB Squad | Farosty Beatz | Nacho Smiles | Medsterminator | Faras Aamir | Dawar Aamir | Ahmed Hamayun | #OWOF

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