Listen to Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, talk about her latest research paper in the Journal of Breastfeeding Medicine and her findings around breastfeeding and sexual assault recovery. "By being able to turn off the chronic stress response, breastfeeding helps women cope with new motherhood... It's like Nature knew we didn't lead perfect lives and provided a built-on system to handle trauma. Breastfeeding does this beautifully and really helped to restore health to women."

Kendall-Tackett stresses that we need to meet mothers where they are, "But we shouldn't assume that they can't do it. If a mom can do it, it is really quite worth it to her. I thought this was a very hopeful finding."

Lisa Reagan, Kindred's editor, interviewed Dr. Kendall-Tackett at the LATCH conference in Virginia Beach in 2013.

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