HD Video 7min 52sec loop

As screened at Boundary Crossings final Exhibition , PNCA, Portland,Oregon 9th August

This version was screened on a black wall , from floor to 3.4 metres high, and 5 metres wide.
People loved interacting with the shadows produced by standing in front of the projector which was on the floor about 6 metres back from the wall.

Artist Statement (as displayed in Portland)

"I’ve come to this country as a visitor, observing the cultural traditions and styles, some of which have found their way to my own country of New Zealand.

And perhaps they will find their way back to the United States, slightly altered, almost imperceptibly.

There is a street style in American youth culture of pants hanging down, that originates in American prisons. The prisoners had ill-fitting jeans and no belts to prevent suicides.

That style traveled to New Zealand, do the wearers know where it came from ?"

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