My brother in law, Elliott, was nice enough to take my inexperienced ass up and down the mountain at Steamboat Springs for two days on a proper Downhill Mountainbike that we rented at the base. Taking the gondola to the top of a mountain and riding down it was an incredible change of pace compared to what I'm used to riding here in Florida.

One the second day we were joined by Dave, Elliott's friend and co-worker on the mountain in the Winter. In the Summer, Dave is a mtb tour guide on the mountain so between the two of them I had a great set of tour guides for my first time out!

After two days, I was comfortable enough to take my 20 pounds pack and 5 pound quad on the last run of the day. The ride down was incredible as were the dozen or so rides over those two days, but I couldn't help spending most of my time hoping that my luck hadn't run out and I would lose control and destroy my drone quadcopter.

Luckily all went well and we had the chance to film a few sections. Thanks to Elliott and Dave for all the help and patience and I hope you guys enjoy the aerial video!

Find some still aerial photos and more information about the drone equipment used at

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