Austin Humphries' award-winning documentary Mikono ya Wavuvi (In Fishermen's Hands) explores the daily loss of life in coral reefs and the diminishing livelihood of the fishermen on the coast of Kenya.

** Winner of the People's Choice Award at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival (March 2013) **

Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, and globally, millions of people depend on the resources they provide. In East Africa, along the coast of Kenya, fishing is often the only option for work, and as a result, communities are highly reliant on coral reefs for food and livelihood. This has resulted in increasingly degraded coral reefs, where very few fish remain and sea urchins take over. Consequently, some fishermen have identified a need for change. This has resulted in an exciting movement for the establishment of community-managed areas closed to fishing, locally called a ‘tengefu’, which is a Swahili term meaning ‘to set something aside’. This is a short film about marine conservation in Kenya and the struggle between fishermen saving the ocean or saving their livelihood.

A Film by Austin Humphries

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