A weekend spent capturing small pieces... landscapes, tourists, flora and fauna at the Great Otway National Park, Australia. The koalas were initially brought in as a tourist bait to rejuvenate the tourist industry. They've thrived to the point of destroying their own habitat (overeating their own homes) the eucalyptus trees. The koalas and flora are now in strife. More info here; conservationecologycentre.org/2012/10/the-future-of-koalas-at-cape-otway/

"Rhythms abound in the natural world. Spontaneous rhythmic coordination can be essential: our beating heart cells must synchronize precisely – or else! Sometimes, too much coordination is disastrous: brain seizures can occur as a result of abnormally high levels of synchronous neuronal activity. Examples of spontaneous synchronization are found in every branch of science, from the beautiful nightly light shows of firefly swarms to the synchronized swinging of pendulum clocks. Researchers the world over are trying to understand how coordinated rhythms arise and trying to discover ways to control them. An array of applications awaits: faster computers, brighter lasers, collision- avoiding cars; new strategies for treating heart and brain disorders; even an end to the devastation of periodic locust swarms." physics.gatech.edu/seminars-colloquia/series/public-lecture/kurt-wiesenfeld-20121025

Music: "Through Summer Rooms" by John Foxx from the album "Cathedral Oceans II". "Dream Tracker" by Byron Metcalf, Dashmesh Khalsa & Steve Roach from the album "Dream Tracker".
Shot in 2012 and re-edited in 2013 (some footage also used in "Apollo Rising" - vimeo.com/30249588)

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