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1. Pacific Rim
Rigging and maintenance of robot Cernoblog Alpha
Implementation of new tetrahedral simulation techniques for underwater skin rippling on Scunner and Riju.
Setup and simulation of Riju tearing skin and spilling guts.

2. The Avengers
Asset development for umbilical cables that attach aliens to chariots and carrier beast
Crewing tool that dynamically places aliens and cables on chariots
Population tool that dynamically places harnesses, aliens, and cables on carrier beast
Capes and alien costume simulation

3. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon
Rigid simulations and destruction
Simulation of digital double costumes, hair, and “Robot Death” shots
Development of new tetrahedral simulation tool for shockwave’s loader belt

4. Rango
Development of new PyQt based character GUI system
Development of an animation mirror visualizer tool
Rigging of over 300 non-character props
Simulation of cloth and feather puffs

5. Vampires Assistant
Robe simulations, and Simulation/Development of “squishy heart cavity” shot
Development of “anim lite sim” tool

6. The Incredible Hulk
Simulation of tubes and cables based on animation
Development of extra skin deformations during transformation
Leather strap breaking setup and animation
Overall muscle flexing and jiggling simulations

7. Alvin and The Chipmunks
Research and development on setup of silver “rockstar suits”
Simulation of cloth on rock star suits
Calculation of jiggle of muscle, fat, and skin based on movement from animation

8. Golden Compass
Simulation of multiple types and densities of fur and whiskers
Calculation of jiggle of muscle, fat, and skin based on movement from animation

9. Once Upon a Time
Model for Monkey character and cleanup on Hippo character.
Multi resolution rig for both characters.
Pipeline design and management on entire project.

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