*Monty python ascent start*
Zippylabs bringing teh lulz to the battle field since time immoral.

This is our nearly final model of our bosses lovely Hellfire Cannon an explosive bullet spewing gruesomely hellish Hellfire Cannon. After countless failures, and assistant death and maiming's we finally got this weapon ready for production. The first batch went out to a random merc group who sadly had to disband due to self inflected and friendly fire injuries. And those who were left where picked off by snipers due to the hyper colorful paint job.Who would have thought the hotrod paint job with the neon zippy labs decal should send fear thoughout the battle field and send the enemy packing home to mommy. Tis a pity but we are working on a non "hunting" model so those damn "deers" can't shoot back at you. Anyway this weapon will come in 2 variations the hotrod version which can be seen from space and the more muted de saturated version.

In final we also have devolved 2 different explosive effect, and no one was killed for once which astounded the HR department since they get bonuses for finding victims...er assistants..... Anyway one is a simple red flash while it looks harmless its just as deadly and caused a injuries. The other is a bright and flashy explosion that kicks up dirt and leaves the enemy generally giving themselves golden showers....with their own piss!! HA. Oh yes it can also be seen from space.

*Monty python ascent end*

Ahem....its been a long time since that voice wanted air time....anyway.

The HFC fires explosive bullets which have a radius of a bit less than half of a grenade and dose quarter damage or less in total. It dose mostly fire damage. It has flamer effect so it burns on hit.
The explosion effect is a modify grenade file, I shrunk it down in size...didn't help frame rate drop any, tried the Gauss explosive that didn't help seems a nif file with more than a couple things in it can create a loss of frame rate, then again this is a minigun that's firing grades LOL .

So I am working on using the lazer rifle muzzle flash as a explosive effect, but I need to cut its time down to 1 sec or a half sec rather than 3 seconds which looks odd even more so when its hanging in the air when you shoot someone LOL.

Also working on a more muted skin, so in all the mod will have 4 weapons Zippylabs: Hellfire Cannon XXL(bright skin and flashy explosives),XL(bright skin and non flashy explosives),M (Dull skin and flashy explosives and S(dull skin and non flashy explosives).

Forgot to say it also leaves a small amount of radiation behind for a few seconds.


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