LIKE ENEMIES OF THE STATE by Tommy Lexen - A thought-provoking and visually engaging play based on the real life stories of three child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Having escaped one of the world’s deadliest wars, they find themselves alienated from society and forced to live as outcasts. They, amongst many others, are facing a difficult decision: either retreat into poverty and social rejection or to take power into their own hands by rejoining the battle.

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London 15-26th October 2013

Cast: Luiana Bonfim, Vikash Bhai, Mauricio Brandes and Duane Palmer.

Crew: Tommy Lexen (Director/Writer), Neil Walker (Producer), Andrea Ling (Assistant Director), Maria Oldeen (Production Coordinator), Amanda Fromell (Dramaturge), Hiroko Matsuo (Set & Costume Designer), William Ingham (Lighting Designer), Kate Brown (Script Editor), Emma Nan Hu (Filmmaker), Myles Marshall (Fight Director), Ben Osborn (Sound Designer), Katarina Reigo (Human Rights Adviser) Fana Cioban & Philippa Kane (Production Assistants).

More info:

Produced by BeFrank Theatre Company

Music "Lowless" by BeatJuice.
Poster Photo by Lindsay Branham courtesy Falling Whistles, A Campaign for Peace in Congo. Music

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