Shot description:

Camera: Canon T3I/600D
Format: RAW Uncompressed 14 bit
Screen Reso: 1280 x 544 @ 22FPS (magic lantern FPS override)
Each Clip: ~14 seconds before editing
ACR processed in Photoshop CS6

1. Sent the processed DNG through Photoshop. Fixed white balance then Exported as TIFF.
2. Ingested TIFF files into QuickTime PRO and Exported as PRORESS 4:4:4 @ 1920x1080p.
3. Imported into Premiere Pro and scaled to 105% on the width.
4. Exported as Youtube 23.976 MP4.

Shot this demo to see if RAW on the T3i could be useful. First thing I noticed is the gradation of the video. Smooth and supple. The grain from the RAW images are at time unpleasant, but then at times filmic. This would work well documentaries or gritty films.

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