The concept started with some ink, paper and a guitar, what resulted was a book of poetry, lettres and photos; a fictional autobiographical narrative about the life and death of one General Lonely Heart. The video tracks included in this playlist are the songs that emerged as part of the process, they are acoustic, whimsical, and experimental to say the least. In songs such as Blucata sunshine and Diaspora Amerikana (which features Edda C.R. Lampis) I played a Yamaha electric-acoustic guitar; "We Jazz Junecember (the journey home)" I played an upright piano and included samples from friends Gabriella Delgado, Rita Garay and Michael Vincent Falvo; other songs utilize a KORG synthesizer ("Los Angeles, August 30 1985," "The Seduction of Miss Dawklin Fortune," "War is Over"); in short I was able to explore a whole range of musical instruments during this process, the most exotic was the charango, a 10 string instrument that I had loads of fun with and created the ethereal song "Neo-Genesis 1.11, which ends abruptly and brings the listener back to terrestrial world within a matter of seconds.

"Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written On Chalk Stain'd Concrete" is:
1. Blucata Sunshine (Platform Departure, 2nd March)
2. ∞(Heart)^2
3. Amerikana Dreamin, IV July 1492 to 20XIII
4. Fly On (M.V.F.)
5. Los Angeles, 30 August 1985
6. War is Over (P.S.A. Radio Edit)
7. Wear Nothin' But Yer

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