Langza is a small village in Spiti valley ( of Himachal Pradesh state in India. The altitude is above 4400 metres. Nearest town is Kaza, headquarter of Spiti subdivision. There are about 28 households in Langza village.

The village is accessible by road though motorability is entirely weather dependent. Has electricity but presence of current is unpredictable. Has wired telephone connections and TV signals too reach this village.

Langza village has a very old temple (lang). A giant Budha statue stands in the open, overlooking the village. Chau chau khang nilda is a beautiful mountain peak in the proximity and the peak has a legend ascribed to it.

Fossil center is another rich natural asset to the area. A brief note:

The Spiti Valley was formed as a result of the collision of the Indian and the Eurasian plate millions of years ago which led to the disappearance of the ancient Tethys Sea leaving behind fossilised clues of the sea life of that era. The route to the natural fossil centre starts from the Lang (temple) at Langza, from where it is about a half hour walk to its base. The fossil centre ranges from an average altitude of 4400 mts to 4600 mts along a narrow stream and is best explored here. (Source:

People are mostly engaged in agricultural activity. Frequent road maintenance work carried out by the Government also provide an income to villagers in the nearby areas. There is a school in the village. For higher studies people rely on institutions near major towns, descending down considerably from their village. Houses in Spiti valley has a unique strucutre, evolved to suit the way of life and climate.

These string of shots resulted from a day-night stay at Langza village in May 2013 and the visit was facilitated by Ecosphere, a social enterprise working closely with communities in Spiti valley.

Some pictures of Langza village taken during the visit could be seen at

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