LamatDance has co-designed, planned and coordinated several three-year Creative Partnerships and Royal Opera House projects to develop creativity in Primary and Secondary Schools in UK.
Maths Through Animation is a math lesson injected with creativity, innovation, and animation. Above is an excerpt from a 25 minute film made by the students from year 7 and 8 from Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School (BUCHS).
The students’ lessons were all process based, which means they were solving the maths problems whilst animating. Co-planning between teachers and practitioners was necessary in order to keep to the curriculum. Now the animations are used by the maths teachers as a learning tool and an after school club has been started where the students can continue to animate whilst learning maths.
Creative Agent: Carmen Vilches
School Coordinator: Cathy Noble
Film-makers: Carolina Vazquez, Alejandra Jimenez, Oswaldo Macia
Sound practitioner: Carlos Otero
Funded by: Royal Opera House, Creative Partnerships, BUCHS

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