Tropèl is an illustration and design collective based in Barcelona. For two years we self-publish our own books, challenging the crisis of the publishing sector.

After releasing our first book “El Buit” last April we published “Havaneres”, an illustrated songbook. Havaneres are the songs that sailors brought from Cuba in the XIX century, and that became an important part of Catalan folklore. This book is a tribute to these songs and the world they convey: 18 artists from around Europe illustrate the songs, giving a new look to them.

Despite the impact of the publication, we hit later on the complicated part of the publishing world: the distribution. The commissions that intermediaries keep left no benefit for the small publishers, making impossible the production of independent quality publications.

To deal with the obstacle, we created the Havaneres Tour: a summer route along the coast that stops in some of the towns where Havaneres concerts are celebrated. The Tour, done on a self-made bike carriage, wants to bring that kind of publications closer to new publics, spread the project, and offer the song book without intermediaries.

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