This film celebrates what multiple Rotary clubs can accomplish when they combine their resources, and partner with other organizations outside of Rotary, to fulfill some of Rotary's more challenging areas of focus, such as:

- Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
- Basic Education and Literacy
- Economic and Community Development!

It demonstrates an effort of cooperation among diverse cultures in Eastern Nebraska, engaging Rotary to fulfill dreams and change lives in communities with immigrant populations.

It depicts a response to 2012-2013 Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka's challenge for 34,000 Rotary clubs around the world to hold Peace Forums in the spirit of, "Peace Through Service."

The Rotary Clubs of Schuyler, Columbus Noon, Columbus Morning and Norfolk, Nebraska gathered around the collective theme of: "Get Together - The Sky Is The Limit To What We Can Do Together!"

A beautiful Peace Forum took place on April 26, 2013, which was both academic and entertaining. The goal for this forum was, "Peace Through Understanding." Simultaneous workshops in English and Spanish were presented to both immigrants and non-immigrants, conducted by some of the finest immigration attorneys in the United States. The forum was hosted by the monks of Christ The King Priory, at their gorgeous Saint Benedict Center, just north of Schuyler, Nebraska. Approximately one dozen organizations outside of Rotary helped in the planning and execution of the forum. Past, current and future District Governors and their wives attended. Classical flamenco fusion guitar music was performed by 22 year old virtuoso, Katie Jane. And the entire audience joined together to sing the Youngbloods song, Get Together: "Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now!"

All 4 Rotary Clubs each received both "The Presidential Citation (signed by Sakuji Tanaka)" and "Peace Through Service" awards.

2013-2014 Rotary International President Ron D. Burton's new international theme is "Engage Rotary - Change Lives!"

Now all 4 Rotary clubs are sustaining the movement which they started last year by "Engaging Rotary to Change Lives" through a multi-club $11,135.67 District Grant to create a Citizenship Fund. This fund will be used for education, and to help immigrants who qualify for legal status, but are experiencing difficulty to afford the fees for legal status.

This is where the rubber hits the road:

- Lives Will Be Changed, by helping immigrants to become legal.

- Lives Will Be Changed, because fewer U.S. born children will have to fear that their parents will be deported.

- Lives Will Be Changed, by The Get Together Movement's substantial economic impact, creating a more stable labor force, stimulating commerce & investment, and creating a more peaceful life for legal residents.

- Lives Are Being Changed, because strengthening bonds among immigrants and non-immigrants by working together, helps to strengthen local neighborhoods and communities, and extends to better international relations.

- Lives Are Being Changed, because service-minded immigrants are "Joining Rotary Clubs and getting active in Rotary!"

- Lives Are Being Changed, because we are "Engaging Rotary!"


This "Get Together Movement" aspires to become a Model:

- for what other Rotary clubs in other communities can do,
- or what other organizations outside of Rotary can do,
- to improve their own communities,
- and to promote good will among the cultures and nations of the world.

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