Using the 2013 version of Maths to simplify the classic "Bouncing Ball" patch.

The first video shows the basic set-up of the patch:
Ch. 1 EOR --> Ch.4 Cycle
Ch. 1 out --> Ch. 4 Fall/Both/Rise in
(Trigger signal --> Ch. 1 Trig in)
Ch. 4 out --> CV in on VCA 1
(VCO --> Signal in on VCA 1)
(VCA 1 out --> monitors)

The second video expands on this a bit (notice the change in Ch.1's scaling):
VCA 1 out --> VCA 2 Signal in
Ch. 1 Unity out --> CV in on VCA 2
(VCA 2 out --> monitors)

The third video shows a quick idea of how this sort of patch might be used in a slightly more complex setting.

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