Three kayakers on the national Canadian Whitewater Kayaking team decide to have a most unusual race: whitewater vs. land. Two pro kayakers paddle hard down a river outside of Vancouver, while their third team member would drive a Mazda on an adjacent dirt road. Ready. Set. Go!

Last year, Corey Rich Productions shot still images and a motion spot for Mazda over two long days. We had a tight budget and an even tighter deadline. After hearing the concept for the shoot, we thought the concept was cool and fast-paced. It was a great way to profile a Mazda vehicle in use, all while tying it to some authentic talent in the adventure realm. It was a project we couldn't turn down.

There’s great value in knowing how to put together a “small-footprint production.” In other words, how to create something with a high-production feel, on a budget, using a tight, talented crew. We brought a 16-foot jib arm and multiple Nikon cameras: D800s for video, and the high-speed D4 to shoot action stills.

The imagery appeared in Mazda's company catalog, and the original spot broadcast on television. This is our director's cut and we hope you enjoy it.

Please check out our blog for the full story behind this production.

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