Nick Jr. wanted to bring their branding in line with the modern sensibility of big Nick. The look, feel and the energy of the brand needed to deliver on the new network tagline "The smart place to play." With that in mind, the world we created needed to be filled with opportunities for exploration and clever, fun, learning moments. We also had to create a branded world where different characters could come together.

Our approach was centered around the idea of "guided discovery" spakred by an article in the NY Times about math tutoring. This core idea helped to shape the physical and conceptual approach to our design. Pathways became a thematic element throughout the package.

Part of creating this new world meant providing Nick Jr. with a versatile, modular toolset of elements that they could repurpose, reconfigure and expand upon. Additionally, we set the tone for the custom monthly themes on the channel. We versioned our elements into a world of pirate adventure for High Seas month, and created a jungle playground for Wild Safari month.

Client: Nickelodeon
Studio: Gretel
Exectuive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
Art Director: Danny Ruiz
Design: Danny Ruiz, Carl Burton, Jack Myers, Wes Ebelhar, Dylan Mulvaney
Animation + Composite: Carl Burton, Jack Myers, Gary Tam, Wes Ebelhar, Irene Park
Original Audio: JinglePunks

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