saw such a sunset at Kennedy road beach - on Lake Simcoe two nights ago. years ago I looked out across riverdale park in toronto at dusk and said outloud, "I'm diminished by every sunset I miss." I now like to say I'm enhanced or grateful for every sunset I see. This Monday it was a special one. It took me on a journey - a mediation - so I've shared with words, music and imagery the journey I went on - as a best I could in the time I had for it.

If you are interested in clouds - The Way of the White Clouds - is a masterpiece by Lama Anagarika Govinda - the first western buddhist to journey to the east! So beautifully written - perhaps one of the greatest spiritual adventure stories ever written!

Its available for free through a creative commons below

PS. Osho also wrote a book called My Way: the way of the white cloud - the entire text is available below as a pdf - worth reading - together they form a spiritual school - for how to travel the way of the white cloud ;-)

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