Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the ones you live with - no matter how much you are annoyed by their disgusting habits.

The submission by Black Sky Company for the Richmond 48 Hour Film Project.

Ted: Bill Hobbs

Maxine Lydard: Kristin Kirkley

Jeff Jones: Kyle Miner

Detective Amos: Amos Richardson

Directed by: Rick Plautz

Written by: Steve Nass, Colleen Trachy, Garrick Sheldon

Edited by: Rick Plautz, Autumn Dea

Cinematographer: Matt Porwoll

Gaffer: Gordon Whiteway

Camera Assistant: Karlin Lichtenberger

Sound: Lenton Alston

Script Supervisor: Autumn Dea

Script Superhuman: Jerry Chia

Art Department: Gordon Whiteway

Production Assistant: Jerry Chia

Sound Design: Rick Plautz

Post-Production Color: Matt West

Music Provided by: Overcoast Music

Music Supervisor: Travis Tucker

Matt Porwoll
Kristin Kirkley
Molly Plautz
Sarah Parker
Overcoast Music
Mad Box Post

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