Sound and Video Performance
Wave beyond the memoreis
at Jeongarm Alternative Art Space
by Hyungjoong Kim and Jungyeon Cho

Artist Statement :
A human being, in itself, is a spatial being. If a man takes no interest in some thing, it may be far from him or even non-existent to him. Such ontological concern or interest of human-being always newly creates its own space. It means human being is constantly in motion, which causes the surrounding space to be constantly changing. Thus, the spatiality without time, which can be situated on a physically determined three-dimensional coordinate system, can be said to be non-representative of the entire spatiality of human being. We concentrate on the way of human existence based on this notion of 'temporality' which is dynamic and hard to determine.

Human can meet 'temporality' through their memory of past, future and present. In this point, we throw a question. What experience could we have if the 'memory' doesn't exist in human-being?

To get the answer, we use 'sound' to penetrate that 'temporality'. Unlike visual arts with different physical forms (sculpture, painting or architecture), 'sound' is an invisible art. In case of visual art, the spatial result itself is already situated in past, future and present, whereas the temporal art using sounds generated on site can be said to be 'in-flux'.

In this performance, we catch the waves from machines which people can commonly find through hand-made oscillator, trying to deconstruct the concept of 'music' and suggesting new form of the 'music'. At the same time, we constantly change the circumstances to capture the alteration of sound and temporality.

Sound and wave-interactive video work will also be shown at the show. The video which is converted pre-recorded sound of the performance space into ASCII and Hex code, is the only media that visualize temporality of 'the past' as a digital language which doesn't exist in perception system of human-being. We transform the video with the changing of wave and sound in real-time, thereby we can have new experiences beyond the memories of human-being.

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