The "imami" Prayer Room software program is designed to function similar to the imam who leads the prayer through every prayer step.

The Prayer Room functions are fully automated and do not require any user interaction while performing prayers. The complete Prayer (Salat) automation is essential as it is conditional to only focus on prayers with complete concentration and total devotion to Allah (God) without any interaction with program commands and functions.

The user friendly Prayer Room includes the following prayers:
1. Obligatory prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha).
2. Other prayers (Sunnah, Nafl, Ishraq, Duha, Istikhara, Istisqa, Eid, Janaza, Kusuf , Khusuf).
3. Tarawih prayer.

imami Prayer Room is suitable for beginners and advanced users. You can select from a list of available reciters (imams), who have varying recitation speeds, to lead you in prayer and you can also choose the Holy Quran chapters (Suwar) from 1 to 114 with the respective verses (Ayat) to perform prayers.

After choosing your preferred settings, the program will guide you through the prayer steps in sequence while displaying the Holy Quran script and supplications (Azkar) which are all synchronized with the the audio recitation speed of the imam.

This synchronized audio with visual text and animation display that shows the correct movements, posture and positions of prayers facilitates the learning process for every prayer.

This is a one of kind prayer program that offers numerous benefits while performing prayers:

1. Shows the correct prayer method, movements, positions and postures during prayers.
2. Teaches the correct recitation of the Holy Quran while praying.
3. Helps in memorizing the Holy Quran while performing prayers.
4. Assists in completing (Khatm) the recitation of the Holy Quran in prayers.
5. Diversify the Holy Quran recitations when you pray.

The imami prayer room conforms to the principles of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

The imami prayer program is available in 9 languages:
1. Arabic
2. Bengali
3. English
4. French
5. Indonesian
6. Malay
7. Pashto
8. Turkish
9. Urdu

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