COMA is the twenty-fourth release of When Day Chokes The Night and has been recorded as if it were the original soundtrack of two works :
De Meester en de Reus aka The Master and the Giant (1980). Between documentary and fiction, De Meester en de Reus approaches the topic of the rivalry in the creation: a first God created the world, a second God destroyed it to build one new, better. Myth and reality meet in this film that puts in scene two different universes: a man and a woman in a neighborhood in demolition of Amsterdam, and images of the life in the confines of the tunecian Sahara. Written by Johan van der Keuken in collaboration with Claude Ménard.
The depression and the deterioration of Pierre Guyotat's physical and mental culminated, in December 1981, in a coma. This adventure made the French writer write the book COMA (2006).
COMA is release TaSe-27 on Belgian label Tape Safe. The track BEYA is released on Tape Safe compilation TaSa-06.

The sound of COMA is as slow and painful as numb and introspective.

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