Watch this teaser for the new performance UDSØGT SMERTE (EXQUISITE PAIN) which is co-produced by Holland House, Husets Teater and Teatret Svalegangen and will open August 24, 2013 at Husets Teater in Copenhagen.

”The worse the break-up, the better the art” – Sophie Calle
Featuring: Ellen Hillingsø, Solbjørg Højfeldt and Steen Stig Lommer
Script: Adaption of Sophie Calle’s "Douleur exquise" by Karen-Marie Bille and Jacob F. Schokking
Direction and set design: Jacob F. Schokking
Composer: Thomas Strønen
Video design: Spild af Tid

The acclaimed Danish theatre company Holland House is back at Husets Teater with the first performance of EXQUISITE PAIN. The performance is based on the internationally recognized French artist Sophie Calle’s work "Douleur exquise" which Holland House and Husets Teater are secured the exclusive text rights for.

On the day she is supposed to see her beloved again after three months of separation, she receives his last minute cancellation. He has met someone else. He makes the break-up easy, he ends the relationship by phone – hardly three minutes of conversation between a home in Paris and room no. 261 at Hotel Imperial in New Delhi.

In the art of Sophie Calle, horrible heart breaks equal great art and her starting point as an artist is often her own love life. In EXQUISITE PAIN the pain of being left behind drives her to retell her own unhappy love story and confront it with other people’s stories of grief. Each retelling gradually becomes less emotional and after about 100 days Sophie Calle has erased her grief and put it behind her.

EXQUISITE PAIN will play August 24 - September 28, 2013 at Husets Teater in Copenhagen. Afterwards the performance can be seen at Teatret Svalegangen in Aarhus and on tour all around Denmark, October 9 - December 7, 2013.

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