Directed by Ross S Anderson for J6 Films

A 70's/80's inspired road movie about a small goblin lost, hitchhiking and needing assistance to find his way home - the band Them Things pick him up in a gorgeous 1969 Mustang and together they search for his magical gateway home, becoming best of friends along the way.

The music video draws stylistically from road movies and fantasy movies like cult classics Labyrinth (1986), Dark Crystal (1982) and Easy Rider (1969), utilising traditional puppetry to create the retro mood and feel.


James Baxter

Ross S Anderson
Written, Directed, Cinematography, Editing, VFX, Colour, Sound, Production

Caitlin Lumley
Puppeteer, Production, Sound

Amy Nicholson and Graham Taylor
Puppet Creation and Design

Marc Pickering
Car Supplier and Driver

Steven Lumley
Box Design and Creation

Harry Jenkinson
Assistant, Behind the Scenes Documentary

Aida Balafkan

Ian J Robinson

Shot on Canon 550d, various lenses.

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