I have a girlfriend, I know... I'm not sure either. It was her (Robyn's) 21st and after pulling a few gallons at the local, raiding the back of the sofa and eating out of the reduced section for a month, I dusted off my debit card and we jetted off to Venice.

The sinking city was of course, dare I say it, romantic. With a budget smaller than a village church collection plate, we opted not to stay in the presidential suite this time. Instead we found a cheeky, central two star, with the view of a brick wall and stiff porridge for breakfast, but who cares, it wasn't about that. The city was fantastically quaint, we obviously did the whole tourist-couple thing, visiting St Mark's square, pondering Picasso and being gondoled by a gondolier.
However we also tried to get lost in Venice, turns out it wasn't that hard, the city is full of narrow back streets and bridges leading to nowhere. Down these back streets, we stumbled across a variety of weird and wonderful museums and art installations. The best of which, was an installation that saw a grand piano connected to several bass guitars, which were connected to about 10 amps. When you hit a key it played the guitars and made a tremendous sound. I think the art piece hung above it, maybe was suppose to possibly depict the colours of the sounds? (See video)

The food was tasty and the weather hot, it was everything we'd expected and a little more. Here's a short vid of all of the above. Not quite Vimeo 1080p standard, but it's a start, plus you'll never have seen Venice to The Whispers "And the beat goes on" before so enjoy. Silly Will, should have been about Venice.

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