Choreography: Joanna Kotze
Performed by: Stuart Singer, Netta Yerushalmy, Joanna Kotze
Composer: Dave Ruder
Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann
Costumes: Reid Bartelme
Sound Technician: Ian Munro
Video: Nel Shelby Productions

Danspace Project, NYC
May 30 - June 1, 2013

Total running time: 45 minutes

A work that premiered at Danspace Project May 30 – June 1, 2013, IT HAPPENED IT HAD HAPPENED IT IS HAPPENING IT WILL HAPPEN is a trio that confronts the seductiveness of classifying, ordering, and structuring, while attempting to hold onto the character of the unnameable, vulnerable, and imaginable. These different approaches to knowledge—empirical vs. intuitive—are explored through varied movement. Through dynamic pacing and propulsive movement this trio uses interconnected rhythms, sounds and combinations of dancers. Fragments of motion are reassembled to produce a persistent drive. The sound of silence alternates with distant music, each acting as a backdrop for stomping, clapping, slapping, and breathing bodies. Comical gestures are juxtaposed against languid passages and sequences of movement. For IT HAPPENED..., the audience sits on three sides of a large dance space, simultaneously containing the space, the dancers and themselves.

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