The city of Baltimore, Maryland, has a roster of trams that roam the city, carrying people in and out of the Inner Harbor and city center. This is a traditionally made film, using 8mm rolls of film. I used both a manual hand-crank Bolex film camera, and Canon Scoopix Automatic film camera, which was later developed for me to edit the footage.

I also used a digital microphone, with a windscreen to filter wind, so I could include the sounds the trams made and surrounding ambiance. The digital recordings were transferred to sound film stock. Finally I took the footage and used traditional tool of the trade, splicers, sharpies to mark my footage on white blank film, to synchronize film with sound and edit the material.

To load into Vimeo, the film was converted dirty dub, projected onto a white screen, and filmed from my DSLR Nikon camera. I composited the digital sound and film using Adobe Premiere Pro, to publish the final digital composited film.

This was for a class I took as an elective, Film I, with Allen Moore, who is renowned as cinematographer for Ken Burns, and has worked on many of his PBS films. In this project I became familiar with traditional film making and equipment, and I also realized the source for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro's workflow! It is something I really enjoyed doing, and this film is dedicated to Baltimore's transportation and to the film making process.

I hope you enjoy it too.

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