This film carries some of the words by Dr Peter J. Whitehouse in a paper that he wrote called "Why I no longer consult for drug companies" published in Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry,
March 2008, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 4-10

I wish to thank Dr Whitehouse for allowing me to use his words in this film.

I have made this film as I share Dr Whitehouse's concern about the entanglement of pharmaceutical marketing/health industries with continuing medical education. I also share concern that when it comes to the Key opinion leaders in dementia that the talk of "transparency" is only talk. Last year £40 million was paid by Pharma to healthcare workers in the UK. Research into Scottish NHS Hospitality Registers evidences that payments from Pharmaceutical Industry are consistently not being declared in Registers (if indeed there is a functioning NHS register!) We are in the dark about this. Unlike USA we have no 'Sunshine Act.' The UK has a meaningless, one-sided, code called the ABPI code.

I admire Dr Whitehouse enormously. Dr Whitehouse's transparency is most special and marks him out as a doctor of utmost integrity. Dr Whitehouse is a rare breed, a polymath and Phronimos whose empathy reaches me across the Atlantic.

Dr Peter Whitehouse is Visiting Researcher and Strategic Advisor in Innovation, Baycrest, University of Toronto.
Professor of Neurology and former Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Bioethics, Nursing, History, and Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University. Physician, University Hospitals Case Medical Center. And Director, Adult Learning, The Intergenerational School

Music thanks to Dexter Britain which can be shared under common-licence:

(1) "Nights Tale" by Dexter Britain (
(2) "The Tea Party" by Dexter Britain (
(3) "Seeing The Future" by Dexter Britain (

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