This was August 2, 2013 at a small, independent art gallery in Washington, D.C. Every July, the exhibit theme is "Celebration of the Figure." That is to say, the body.
The gallery is also very much connected with the community of life models (figure models, art models, nude models) in the Washington, D.C. area--of whom I am one. So the opening and closing receptions for the "Celebration of the Figure" exhibit will often have SOME wild and crazy goings-on.
I had done a simpler version of this performance at this gallery a few times before. I did it again by popular demand--but this time I reworked the act before hand.
I did not bother to put my clothes back on after the act--stayed naked through the whole evening (to the delight of several women in the audience. But later, a man and a woman--both art models (she has made her living at it for more than 20 years--arrived. Both stripped, and then the three of us danced naked on stage, and decorated each other with electrical tape.
I'm sorry to say that I'm not free to post the videos of all that.

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