‘Scayrecrow - A gorgeously animated hypnotic love letter to both Hammer horror and the folklore of the British highwayman” - RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE

'Scayrecrow' is a short animation that evokes the 19th century ‘Penny Dreadfuls’ to tell a Hammer - style romp about a ghostly Highwayman wreaking revenge on those who conspired to put him and his sweetheart in their graves.

The first Carrion Film animation - crafted on a laptop evenings and weekends over 6 months in 2008 - is a blend of traditional animation, painted backgrounds and rotoscoped actors. Although born from humble beginnings the film won the Media Innovation Award in 2009 and went on to be hosted by FEARnet in 2013, but is uploaded here in its entirety for the BORLEY RECTORY Indiegogo campaign -igg.me/at/Carrion-Borley-Rectory/x/262667

If you like this, please help us make a new animation.

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