Shots breakdown:

0:08 - rig test - This is a customized rig based on Autodesk's Pinocchio Project. I added IK and a few other controllers to the original rig, and the armor, helmet and hair.

0:11 - Sci fi spacecraft design - These are two spaceships, modeled and designed by me. The last shot is a rig test for the landing gear.

0:22 - Toy Train - Created in 3dsmax, rendered with vRay and composed in After Effects. For my own portfolio.

VFX for Into the Universe. This is a job made for Atomic Arts (London). I was responsible for creating 3D assets and scenes, in 3dsmax. These were later rendered and composed in the client's studio. For the complete Into the Universe reel, go here:

0:27 - For a tennis match scene the client required a 3D tennis ball for slow-mo shots.

0:29 - This shot is a 3D camera mapping. We only had a 2D image of this room, and the camera needed to zoom into the window. A 3D model of the room was created, onto which the original image was mapped. This technique allowed us to zoom into the image in a more realistic way.

0:31 - This is a camera zoom from space into a cafe in London. Once the camera enters the building, we added different rooms (stock models), and separated them with "inside the floor" elements, modeled by me. I was also responsible for modeling the cafe at the bottom floor, based on some video footage from the show.

0:39 - Trailer for Colorum for Android - This is a small puzzle game created by me and Yeala Zvi, who was responsible for the coding and development. Animation was done in Flash.

0:45 - Jokie - BigPixel (Amsterdam) hired me to work as an animator and 3D modeler for this show. I was working from home, being part of an international team of very talented artists. Most of my work included animating, and sometimes I helped with a few models for several episodes. The work was done in Maya.

For more information about me, please check out my website:

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