'It's for the birds' is a an advert i created for the online create a t.v commercial for freelancer.com
I used the improvised process of bricolage whereby i used found objects for characters as well as throw away objects which i used to create miniature props. I played with the American phrase Its for the birds, but the original phrase is actually, "this shit is for the birds. I later discover that Freelancer is actually an Australian company..(whoops)

It took me two weeks to prepare and finalise the story board...5 solid hours of taking pictures consisting of 693 photographs in 2 locations. It then took me an additional 4 days to edit, and source the relative sound fx as well as make a soundtrack. I was over it and submitted my first entry, but the sound was jut, so i spent another 4 days and decided to re do it for my own peace of mind. Unfortunately the quest of winning began to dither.

Ladies and Gentlemen, "For the birds takes you on a journey of creative determination and a quest for personal space"

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