Made for Lena Katina's 'JUST A DAY' Music Video contest - Officially released by Lena Katina's Jammer Account & Facebook on August 24, 2013

Directed by Sam Chegini and Ali Etesamifar
Script writer: Ali Etesamifar
Storyboard artist: Sam Chegini & Ali Etesamifar
Puppet builder and designer: Ali Etesamifar
Puppeteers: Ali Etesamifar, Alireza Aryandoust and Ershad Malakouti
DoP: Sam Chegini
Visual Effects artist: Sam Chegini
Editor: Sam Chegini

An Ali & Sam Productions under exclusive license to Sam Pictures Productions © 2013
Just A Day © Written by L. Dissing, L. Katina, T. MacCubbin, S. Martin, B. Renski, D. Vajevec, S. Wilson

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