This is a short film about one's eyes being opened to the world and a new way of life and how he will cope with it. The explanation of the film is below.

At the beginning of the short film he is living in his own little black and white world, where he can see and understand everything.

The light switch symbolises something unexpected in one's life that changes their outlook on it. At first it may seem for the best, for example when a child looses their innocence, from their perspective they fell like they are growing up and only good things can come of it but we all know that is not the case.

When something is sparked in someone's world (the light switch) they see things in a different light. The character in the film wants his old black and white life back as he feels out of control when viewing a more in depth picture on life. He tries to flick off the light switch hoping that his old life will return. But once someone's eyes have been opened they cannot be closed again.

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