In less than 5 months activist and Scientology whistleblower Karen de la Carriere has organically built a YouTube channel with 3,298 subscribers and 293,097 views.

My conclusion is that Karen is Doing Something About It - doing something about the human trafficking, the fraud, the Disconnection and the Fair Gaming by Scientology Inc.

If one scrolls down through the organic results on Page One, one sees Karen's videos interspersed throughout the page. Today I see NO videos from Scientology Inc's channel in the organic results, despite the Hollywood production quality and all of the millions Scientology Inc spends on media buys - including during the Super Bowl.

Karen's channel is popular because it fills the void of information with the Truth about Scientology.

My conclusion is that no one cares about the propaganda that the trained liars of the Sea Organization spread. Even when Scientology Inc is paying for ads and sponsored content, the public by and large is not watching them.

Suggestion: Instead of spending a fortune on Crisis Management and Reputation Management consultants, follow the advice of your founder and DON'T USE LIES IN PUBLIC RELATIONS.


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