The Jersey cow in its current pure-bred form has been a feature of the Island’s landscape for more than 200 years, following a ban on the importation of live animals or semen which has ensured the purity of a breed in its Island home.

Although a small breed, the Jersey is one of the most productive dairy cows and has an amazing ability to adapt to wide-ranging conditions – a characteristic which has led to exports of live animals to countries around the world. Jersey cows can trace their ancestry to the original Jersey Herd Book founded in 1863.

Jersey milk is naturally high in butter fat content but is now sold as fresh full cream milk (5.5 per cent cream content), fat reduced (2.5 per cent cream content) and low fat (1.1 per cent cream content). A UHT fat-free milk is also available. Dairy products include traditional and spreadable butters, creams and natural and bio yogurts. Other products have been introduced including organic milk, dairy ice dream, crême fraiche and clotted cream.

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